John Werner

Every day a new challenge.... Every day a new adventure...

Professional Summary

John Werner is an internationally published author, engineer, consultant and conference speaker. He brings over 25 years of experience solving technical problems with creative solutions. As a Senior Software Engineer, John has used his unique problem solving abilities to become an expert in solving problems that have escaped many talented others.

As an author and editor, John has written a regular column for an automotive magazine and been published both in the US and Europe. In 2019, John's first teaching book, Hands-on Embedded Development with Qt was published by Packt. His second Hands-On book for Packt is expected in 2020.

As an inventor and architect, John has earned patents for inventions ranging from Ink Jet Printers to Automotive Ignition Systems. He has also combined his engineering and authoring skills to publish his software architecture work and present it at the Bosch Conference on Software Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany.

John has delved into the world of Embedded Software Security. His work in driving the analysis of the product security and developing an innovative risk-based approach to Threat Modeling was lauded by corporate research at a former employer.

Medical SW development, including working with regulatory issues, has become part of John's bailiwick. His work has helped several corporations streamline the regulatory documentation and tracking for their software development.

Over the course of his career, John has gained experience working both for and with offshore development efforts. Working with offshore teams has allowed John to travel extensively to Munich, Germany; reside for 8 weeks in Milan, Italy with his wife and daughter; and journey to Bangalore, India.

When he is not working, John enjoys competition. He is an avid AutoX and TSD rally participant, and he organizes and drives for the Safety Sweep team at STPR, one of the oldest continuously running Performance Rallies in the US.

You may also occasionally find John on the air on Rochester, NY area 2m Ham Radio repeaters.