John's Other Projects

  • John's SW Engineering Notes (
  • Conference Presentations
  • The Snow Tire FAQ - (
    • The Internet's Oldest, Independently run site about snow tires and winter driving.
  • My MythTV Setup (
    • MythTV is an open source DVR project that puts most commercial offerings to shame. It not only allows digital recording and playback of TV shows, but there are plugins to do everything from view the local movie schedule, look up weather, watch DVDs, listen to your digital music library, and even turn your TV into a game console. Best of all, it's free!
  • ReadGPL (
    • A few years back, I wrote a command line piece of software to read and manipulate the GPS Log files ("*.gpl" files) output by DeLorme's mapping programs (Street Atlas, etc.). This is the SourceForge project where the code now lives.